Action on Hearing Loss has gotten 10,000 signatures on its petition for LoveFilm to provide subtitles for people with hearing loss.

Some actors and writers, such as White Queen writer Emma Frost and Shameless actor Sally Carmen, are amongst the signatories — and anyone else who wants to sign can go here.

Action on Hearing Loss said: “It would be nice if (like Netflix), they would consider the 10 million people in the UK with hearing loss and let us all know before placing an order whether the film includes subtitles or not.

“John Lewis showed how it should be done by adding subtitles to their Christmas advert after a request from people with hearing loss…

“A lack of regulation means DVDs and downloadable programmes don’t require subtitles but John Lewis and others have taken the one in six of the UK population with hearing loss into account and we hope a change of heart will allow all of us to LoveFilm this Christmas.”