US distributor here! Films & Television has picked upMarco Kreuzpaintner's gay coming of age tale Summer Storm (Sommersturm) which won the audience award at thisyear's Filmfest Muenchen.

Sales agent Bavaria Film International also reported saleson the film after presentations at the Toronto Film Fetival and the MIFED andAFM markets to ABC/Cinemien (Benelux), Civite Films (Spain), Swift Productions(France), Discovery Films(ex-Yugoslavia), Gil Productions (Israel) and Festive Films (Singapore).

Meanwhile, a raft of deals have been concluded by BavariaFilm International (BFI) on Mostly Marthadirector Sandra Nettelbeck's family film SergeantPepper, ranging from Happinet Pictures (Japan) and Cinemien (Benelux)through Pris-video (Portugal) and D.P.I. (France) to Ljubljanski Kinematografi(ex-Yugoslavia).

BFI also reported that there is interest from distributorsin the US and Italy in the production of the now defunct MTM Medien &Television, Constantin Film, Bavaria Film in co-production with Mikado Film andBavaria Film.