The Film SalesCompany has licensed US rights to two documentaries to the Sundance Channel- Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez' Nicaraguan El Immortal and David Redmon's Mardi Gras: MadeIn China.

El Immortal premiered at the Sundance Film Festivaland went on to play at Berlin. It explores the effect of the Contra/Sandanistacivil war through the eyes of one Nicaraguan family that was torn apart whentwin brothers were forced to fight on opposing sides.

Mardi Gras:Made In China also beganits festival life at Sundance and follows the journey of plastic Mardi Grasbeads, from the girls in sweatshops in China who make them to the girls in NewOrleans who strip to get them.

Mardi Gras:Made In China was alsolicensed by the documentary channel for Canada.

Film SalesCompany's Andrew Herwitz negotiated both deals on behalf of the filmmakers withChristian Vesper on behalf of The Sundance Channel.