Sundance Cinemas, the specialized theatre chain concept which wasfirst abandoned by Robert Redford's Sundance Group in 2001, then revivedearlier this year, has set its first Sundance Cinema Centre multiplex forMadison, Wisconsin in autumn 2006.

The six-screen theatre will be located in the Hilldale Mall andinitial stage of renovation is due to be completed by the end of November.

The theatre will programme an eclectic mix of commercial,independent and foreign-language fare.

"The independent culture of Madison makes it a great environmentfor the Sundance Cinema concept and we look forward to creating together withthe local community, an experience that captures that unique nature," SundanceGroup president Robert Redford said.

"I couldn't be more pleased that this location will launch thisventure."

The newly inaugurated Sundance Cinemas is run by the managementteam of Paul Richardson and Bert Manzari, who most recently ran LandmarkTheatres.