Work by Anders ThomasJensen, Bent Hamer, Stewart Copeland, Matthew Barney and Larry Clark will playin the out-of-competition Spectrum, Frontier and Park City at Midnightcategories at Sundance.

Encompassing the strandspreviously known as American Spectrum and Special Screenings, the 2006 theSpectrum programme has expanded to include international titles.

Its line-up of 24 entriesincludes Jensen's Danish foreign language Oscar submission and Toronto entry Adam'sApples, Hamer's Cannes screener andCharles Bukowski adaptation Factotum, Copeland's insider guide to 1980s supergroup The Police in EveryoneStares: The Police Inside Out, JohnHillcoat's Australian epic and Toronto title The Proposition, and Chris Paine's EV Confidential: Who KilledThe Electric Car.

Frontier showcases fivetitles including Kelly Reichardt's tale of Oregon campers who undergo spiritualchallenges in Old Joy, while thePark City At Midnight programme presents a typically outre selection of titles,among them Nathaniel Hornblower's live Beastie Boys set Awesome, I Fuckin'Shot That!, Neil Marshall's UKhorror The Descent, RogerIngraham's Midwestern vampire tale Moonshine, and Destricted, a collective art-film fusion by Barney, Clark, Gaspar Noe, MarcoBrambilla and Sam Taylor Wood.

"Spectrum has essentiallybeen an American category before this, but the problem was we had no place toput international films if they weren't playing in competition so we decided tobroaden its focus," Sundance Festival director Geoff Gilmore said.

"It's important to get newfilmmakers into a festival. One of my criticisms of international filmmaking inthe past has been that an old boys network determined which films would travelto festivals. We want to broaden the access because Sundance is about discovery."

Spectrum line-up:

A Matter Of Degrees (USA) Dir: Davis Guggenheim

Filmed footage from AlGore's acclaimed presentationon global climate change.

World Premiere

Adam's Apples (Denmark) Dir: Anders Thomas Jensen

Dark comedy about a neo-Nazisentenced to community service at a church.

US Premiere

All Aboard! Rosie'sFamily Cruise (USA) Dir: ShariCookson

Documentary follows Rosieand Kellie O'Donnell as they create a floating utopia for 500 gay and lesbianfamilies.

World Premiere

Battle In Heaven (Mexico/France/Germany/Belgium) Dir: Carlos Reygadas

Married kidnappers' ransomplans go horribly wrong when the infant dies.

US Premiere

Beyond Beats And Rhymes:A Hip-Hop Head Weighs In On Manhood In Hip-Hop Culture (USA)Dir: Byron Hurt
Documentary about a former college quarterback who tackles the notion ofmasculinity in hip-hop culture.

World Premiere

Clear Cut: The Story OfPhilomath, Oregon (USA) Dir: PeterRichardson

Documentary about a ruralOregon timber town that is torn apart by a school district rift.

World Premiere

Dreamland (USA) Dir:Jason Matzner

A young trailer parkresident's ambitions are challenged as she struggles to care for her father andailing friend.

World Premiere

EV Confidential: WhoKilled The Electric Car' (USA) Dir:Chris Paine

Documentary investigates thehistory of the electric car and the role of renewable energy.

World Premiere

Everyone Stares: ThePolice Inside Out (USA) Dir: StewartCopeland
The expert drummer offers the inside track on life with the former supergroup.

World Premiere

Factotum (Norway) Dir: Bent Hamer

Based on Charles Bukowski'snovel, Factotum charts the life of a writer willing to risk everything forpoetry.
US Premiere

Forgiving The Franklins (USA) Dir: Jay Floyd
A repressed, God fearing Southern family is spiritually changed by a caraccident.
World Premiere

Jewboy(Australia) Dir: Tony Krawitz
A young Orthodox Jew searches for his place in the world, his family and hisfaith.

North American Premiere

Journey From The Fall(Thailand/USA) Dir: Ham Tran
A family of emigres torn apart by the Vietnam War struggles to survive inAmerica.

North American Premiere

La Tragedia De Macario (USA) Dir: Pablo Veliz
Dramatic tale of immigrants struggling to cross the Mexico-US border.

World Premiere

Leonard Cohen I'm YourMan (USA) Dir: Lian Lunson

The legendary singerprofiled.

US Premiere

Man Push Cart (Iran-USA) Dir: Ramin Bahrani
The story of a former Pakistani rock star who sells coffee and doughnuts on thestreets of Manhattan.
North American Premiere

Off The Black (USA) Dir: James Ponsoldt
An unusual friendship develops between an aging high-school baseball umpire anda young vandal.

World Premiere

Open Window
(USA) Dir: Mia Goldman
A newly engaged couple's lives are shattered by a random act of violence.

World Premiere

The Proposition (Australia) Dir: John Hillcoat
Bushranger era tale about loyalty and betrayal.

US Premiere

Punching At The Sun (USA) Dir: Tanuj Chopra

A South Asian teen strugglesto find a path between rage and redemption on the streets of Queens post-9/11.

World Premiere

Special (USA) Dirs: Jeremy Passmore and Hal Haberman

A meter maid's mundane lifeis transformed when he enrolls in a drug study for an experimentalanti-depressant.

World Premiere

What Remains (USA) Dir:Steven Cantor
An investigation into the creative process and life of controversial Americanphotographer Sally Mann.

World Premiere

Who Needs sleep' (USA) Dir: Haskell Wexler
Haskell Wexler, himself the subject of a documentary last year, explores sleepdeprivation.
World Premiere

Wrestling With Angels:Playwright Tony Kushner (USA) Dir:Freida Lee Mock
Documentary chronicling the life of award-winning playwright and activist TonyKushner.

World Premiere


A Darkness Swallowed (USA) Dir: Betzy Bromberg

A personal investigation ofcellular memory styled as a musical meditation on memory and loss.

Cinnamon (USA) Dir: Kevin Everson

A glimpse into the world ofAfrican American drag racing.
World Premiere

Old Joy (USA)Dir: Kelly Reichardt
Two old friends reunite for a weekend camping trip in Oregon and encounterspiritual battles.

World Premiere

Pine Flat (USA) Dir: Sharon Lockhart

An anthropological look atyouth and socialisation in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

World Premiere

Wild Tigers I Have Known (USA) Dir: Cam Archer

Lyrical coming-of -age storyabout a 13-year-old boy who learns to cope with newfound sexuality andunrequited love.

World Premiere

Frontier Live:

Our Second Date (USA) Artists: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

The McCoys' latest installationfeatures a miniature movie set geared for live robotic cinema.

Park City At Midnight:

American Hardcore (USA) Dir: Paul Rauchman
The underground hardcore punk scene documented from 1979 to 1986.

World Premiere

Awesome, I Fuckin' ShotThat! (USA) Dir: NathanialHornblower
Live 2004 Beastie Boys concert shot by the fans after the band handed out 50Hi-8 cameras.
World Premiere

The Descent (UK) Dir: Neil Marshall
A female caving expedition goes horribly wrong when a strange breed ofpredators strikes.

North American Premiere

Destricted (USA) Dirs: Mathew Barney, Larry Clark, Gaspar Noe,Marco Brambilla, and Sam Taylor Wood

Art meets sexuality in thisunprecedented compilation of erotic art films.

World Premiere

The Foot Fist Way (USA) Dir: JodyHill

A tae-kwon-do instructorvents his anger after his wife cheats on him.

World Premiere

Moonshine (USA) Dir:Roger Ingraham

A young Midwest conveniencestore clerk turns into a vampire.

World Premiere

(USA) Dirs: Josh Crook andJeff Croo

A student unravels themystery of a recurring premonition of her own death.

World Premiere

Subject Two (USA) Dir: PhilipChidel

A medical student volunteersfor resurrection experiments and is killed over and over again by a reclusivedoctor.

World Premiere

The festival runs fromJanuary 19-29, 2006. For more details visit the official website