The Sundance Institute has selected seven film-makers as its 2008 Annenberg Film Fellows, each of whom will receive a living stipend or grant to nurture their projects.

The Fellows and their projects are: Fellipe Barbosa with Casa Grande; Frank Budgen with Shockheaded Peter; Daniel Casey with Poletown; John Magary with Blood Abundance, Or The Half-Life Of Antoinette; Moon Molson with Meadowlandz; and Lara Foot Newton and Gerard Marx with Tshepang.

The receipients all attended the 2008 Sundance Institute June Directors Lab. Previous Annenberg Film Fellows include Hilary Brougher who directed Stephanie Daley, Sleep Dealer director Alex Rivera and Taika Waititi, whose credits include Eagle Vs Shark.

The Annenberg Film Fellows Programme was established in April 2004 through a $5m grant directed by Annenberg Foundation trustees to provide personal stipends, pre-production and post-production grants.

'At a time of great change in the independent film industry, we strongly believe that these grants can provide creative momentum and help leverage the possibilities for future production financing,' founding director of the Sundance Institute Feature Film Programme Michelle Satter said.