The Sundance Institute hasunveiled details and participants in its first Documentary Film Editing andStory Laboratory, which is scheduled to take place from Jun 20-25.

Seven fellows have been selected to participate in the five-dayprogramme, including directors, editors and producers from four projects thathave previously received funding from the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund.

The Lab allows the film-makers to collaborate on theirworks-in-progress with established and award-winning editors and directors andcomes under the auspices of the Documentary Film Programme.

"Editing is a crucial component of storytelling, particularly innon-fiction film-making," Diane Weyermann, director of the Sundance InstituteDocumentary Film Programme, said in a statement.

"There are few opportunities for documentary film-makers to receivecritical feedback during this challenging stage of the creative process."

The participants for the 2004 Sundance Institute DocumentaryEditing and Story Lab are:

- Mercedes Moncada (director) and Viviana Garcia-Berne (editor) onThe Immortal (Nicaragua/Spain),about the attempted reconciliation of twin brothers who fought on oppositesides of the Contra war in the 1980s.

- Shiri Tsur (director) and Avi Banon (producer) on TheObjection Front - A Personal Journey (Israel), which profiles high-ranking Israeli military officerswho refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories.

- Mark Becker (director-editor) on Romantico (USA), an intimate portrayal ofundocumented immigrants in the US told through two Mexican musicians.

- Hank Rogerson(director) and Victor Livingston (editor) on Shakespeare Behind Bars (USA), about an all-male Shakespearecompany at a Kentucky prison.