12 projects covering themes ranging from the Haitian immigrationexperience to the legacy of violence in Argentina make the cut for the SundanceInstitute's annual Screenwriters Lab, which takes place from Jan 12-17 2007 atthe Sundance Resort in Utah.

The five-day writer's workshop gives independent screenwriters theopportunity to work intensively on their feature film scripts with the supportof established writers.

The selected projects are: Nir Bergman's The Book Of InternalGrammar (Israel); MaryamKeshavarz' Circumstance(USA/Iran); Sophie Barthes' Cold Souls (USA); Jorge Gaggero's Dog Security (Argentina); David Riker's The Girl (USA); and Peter Craig's Green (USA).

The list continues with Patricia Benoit's Haiti Cherie (USA/Haiti); Braden King's Here (USA); John Leguizamo's JesseSanchez: An Imperfect Life(USA); Eric Lahey's Spoons (USA); Lara Foot Newton and Gerhard Marx's Tshepang (South Africa); and Richard Montoya's Water& Power (USA).

Creative advisors includes Christopher McQuarrie, Walter Mosley,Marcos Bernstein, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, John Lee Hancock, Jose Rivera, HowardRodman, Susan Shilliday, and Audrey Wells.

'We are thrilled to be supporting such a diverse and singulargroup of filmmakers', Feature Film Programme director Michelle Sattersaid. 'They are all committed to telling stories with humour and heartthat reflect the complexity and humanity of the world we live in.'

Five films supported by the Feature Film Programme Labs willpremiere at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. They are: Sterlin Harjo's FourSheets To The Wind;Taika Waititi's Eagle Vs Shark; Dror Shaul's Sweet Mud; Andrea Arnold's Red Road; and David Kaplan's Year Of The Fish.