Projects from Thailand andSouth Africa are among 13 represented in the Sundance Institute's annual Junefilm-makers and screenwriters labs, which run from May 25-Jun 24 under theauspices of the Feature Film Programme's year-round series of workshops and events.

The labs offer emergingdirectors and screenwriters a chance to develop new work under the guidance ofexperienced film-makers including Ed Harris, Gary Winick, Antonia Bird, Scott Frank, Jon Amiel, Stanley Tucci, Joan Tewksbury, Keith Gordon, Callie Khouri, Ron Nyswaner, John August, Steven Gyllenhaal, Barbara Tulliver, Jon Avnet, Anthony Drazan, Christopher McQuarrie and Sundance principal Robert Redford.

"The projects selected forthe lab represent the distinctive and innovative voices of an exciting group ofemerging film-makers from the US and around the world," Sundance InstituteFeature Film Programme director Michelle Satter said in a statement.

"Individually, and as awhole, the projects explore the diversity and complexity of our contemporaryculture with originality, humour and emotional truth."

The first eight projectshave been selected for the film-makers lab and the final five are included inthe screenwriters lab.

Aditya Assarat(writer/director)
Hi-So (Thailand)
Coming-of-age love story that captures the music, mood and ethos of modern dayBangkok.

Sterlin Harjo(writer/director)
Four Sheets To The Wind (USA)
Mythical story that follows an American Indian and his family as they come toterms with tragedy in a small town in Oklahoma.

Peter Himmelstein(writer/director)
Peep World (USA)
Darkly comic day in the life of a family tormented by fact, fiction andmortality.

Zoe Hopkins(writer/director)
Cherry Blossoms (Canada)
A young Native girl decides to build a relationship with the father she neverknew as part of her ceremonial passage into womanhood.

Orlando "Dito" Montiel(writer/director)
A Guide To Recognising Your Saints(USA)
Quintessentially American story of a young man's hunger for experience and theloyalties that bind him to a violent past and the flawed saints that haveguided him.

Kieran and Michele Mulroney(co-writers/co-directors)
Paper Man (USA)
A frustrated writer spends a lonely winter on Cape Cod, where he is forced tochoose between a world-weary superhero, an extinct bird and a 17-year-old localgirl in this coming-of-middle-age story.

Kazuo Ohno (writer/director)
Mr Crumpacker And The Man From The Letter (USA)
An overbearing boss decides to reconfigure his company as a place ofphilosophical inquiry.

Richard Press(writer/director)
Virtual Love (USA)
True story of Paul Monette's harrowing friendship with Tony Johnson, acharismatic 15-year-old abuse survivor and cause celebre who may not have existed.

Ryan Eslinger(writer/director)
When A Man Falls In The Forest(USA)
The lives of three lonely men intersect as they struggle to overcome theirdeepening isolation.

Ryan Fleck(co-writer/co-director) and Anna Boden (co-writer/co-director)
Half Nelson (USA)
An inner-city junior high school teacher and drug addict forms an unlikelyfriendship with one of his students after she discovers his secret life.

Juliana Francis (writer)
Saint Latrice (USA)
A 13-year-old mall workerretreats into her secret world to escape the reality of her relationship with an unhappy 40-year-old carpet salesman.

Fatima Jebli-Ouazzani(writer/director)
Halima's Paradise (TheNetherlands)
An unconventional love triangle between a Moroccan woman, her husband, and thesecond wife he brings into their home to bear him a son.

Catherine Stewart(writer/director)
The Moon, Under Late Capitalism
Set in post-apartheid South Africa, an ensemble of characters from differentracial and class backgrounds find unexpected fulfilment when their paths crosson the streets of Johannesburg.