Diane Bell’s US Dramatic Competition entry Obselidia has won the Sundance Alfred P Sloan Prize.

The prize carries a $20,000 cash award from the Alfred P Sloan Foundation and is presented to an outstanding feature film focusing on science or technology as a theme, or depicting a scientist, engineer or mathematician as a major character.

Obselidia tells of a librarian who befriends a beautiful cinema projectionist and experiences a life-changing encounter with a scientist who predicts that 80% of the world’s population will be obliterated by irreversible climate change by the year 2100.

Previous Alfred P. Sloan Prize Winners include Max Mayer’s Adam (2009), Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer (2008), Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man (2005), and Shane Carruth’s Primer (2004).

The jury included Harvard professor Peter Galison, neuroscientist Darcy Kelley, science reporter Joe Palca, and the University Of Chicago’s professor Paul Sereno.