Sundance unveils 14 projects for June Directors and Screenwriters Labs

The labs run from May 30-Jun 30 and will take place on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first Directors Lab.

Fellows will also join in the week-long Screenwriters Lab with six additional projects to participate in personalised story sessions under the guidance of established screenwriters.

Michelle Satter is director of the Sundance Feature Film Program and Gyula Gazdag is artistic director of the Directors Lab.

“On the 30th anniversary of the June Lab, it is thrilling and humbling to commemorate the body of work that’s come from the visionary group of independent filmmakers who have been supported by the Feature Film Program,” Satter said.

“Over the years, these filmmakers have inspired us with their storytelling talent, and helped us to refine a creative process that is rigorous, adventurous, and transformative. Our latest group of artists are telling stories about our current world with boldness, humor and grace; whether their characters are impacted by socio-political conflicts in the world at large, or the smaller, equally treacherous wars fought within ruptured families, they are engaging audiences on the highest level.”

The projects and participants are:

Adelaide / Liliana Greenfield-Sanders (writer/director), US
Adelyne / Holden Abigail Osborne (writer/director), US
The American People / Keith Davis (writer/director), US Honda Power of Dreams Fellow
La Raya / Yolanda Cruz (writer/director), Mexico/US
Little Accidents / Sara Colangelo (writer/director), US
The Storm King / Carlo Mirabella-Davis (writer/director), US
Wolf / Bodgan Mustata (writer/director), Romania
Zero Motivation / Talya Lavie (writer/director), Israel

They will be joined at the June Screenwriters Lab from June 25 – 30 by the following projects and participants:

Ajax/ Carson Mell (writer/director), US

Hurt Village / Katori Hall (writer), US

Red Olive Tree / Karim Bensalah (writer/director), Algeria/France

Satra/ Sheron Dayoc (writer/director), Philippines

What He Did/ Kyle Burns (writer/director), US

Ad Inexplorata/ Mark Elijah Rosenberg (writer/director), US