Monday morning’s [21] announcement came out of the annual Outfest Queer Brunch, when it was revealed that Pepe would replace Kim Yutani, who has been named artistic director.

Pepe [pictured, right] will oversee all of the Outfest programmes, which include Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, Outfest Fusion LGBT People Of Color Film Festival, Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, Outfest Forward, and NewFest in New York.

In addition to Pepe and Yutani, the Outfest programming team comprises senior programmer Alonso Duralde, Outfest Fusion programmer Jennifer DeClue and Outfest Forward coordinator Shari Greicar.

The 10th anniversary of Outfest Fusion will be held from Mar 22-23 and Outfest Los Angeles runs from Jul 11-21.