Sundance Institute and India’s Mahindra Group announced on Tuesday [22] the four winners of the 2013 Sundance Institute | Mahindra Global Filmmaking Awards.

The winning directors and projects are: Sarthak Dasgupta with The Music Teacher (India); Jonas Carpignano with A Chjana (Italy-US); Aly Muritiba, The Man Who Killed My Beloved Dead (Brazil); and Vendela Vida and Eva Weber with Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name (UK-Germany-US).

The awards were presented at a private ceremony in Park City by Mumbai Mantra chairman Rohit Khattar, Sundance Institute Feature Film Program founding director Michelle Satter, and Sundance Institute Feature film program international director Paul Federbush.

The Sundance Institute and Mahindra Group collaboration has also spawned the Mumbai Mantra | Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab in India.

  • Rafel Duran Torrent from Barcelona has won the $100,000 grand jury prize in GE and cinelan’s Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition for Cyborg FoundationTorrent collected his prize on Tuesday and as part of Focus Forward’s collaboration with the Sundance Institute, he will be invited to a ShortsLab of his choice during 2013.
    Runner-up awards were presented to Jared P Scott and Kelly Nyks (US) for The Artificial Leaf, Paul Lazarus (US) for Slingshot, Kim Munsamy (Guatemala) for Bones Don’t Lie And Don’t Forget, and Callum Cooper (UK) for Mine Kafon. The combined winnings amounted to $200,000.