UPDATED JUN 17: Man Of Steel blew away the competition on a confirmed $73.3m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 10,170 screens in 25 markets, while Star Trek Into Darkness earned the distinction of crossing $200m.

There were three debuts in major markets for Superman. The UK led the way on $17.4m from 574 to claim 75% of the top five, while Mexico generated $9.6m from 2,756 for 70% share of the top five.

Man Of Steel arrived in South Korea on $8.6m from 998 nationwide for 72% share of the Seoul top five.

Elsewhere the superhero saga consolidated its record opening day heroics in the Philippines to register an extraordinary $5.8m opening haul from 469 over five days, setting the biggest Warner Bros and third biggest industry launch in history.

The film grossed $3.6m in Indonesia from 372 for a record Warner Bros opening weekend, $3.5m in India from 754 for the studio’s second biggest debut behind The Dark Knight Rises and $3.2m in Malaysia from 317 for Warner Bros’ biggest weekend launch. In the UAE $2m from 98 secured another studio record. In another record, 79 IMAX screens generated $4.2m.

This week Man Of Steel arrives in 27 markets including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and China. Australia opens on Jun 27, Brazil Jul 12 and Japan Aug 30.

The Hangover Part III crossed $200m and added $16.7m from 6,361 in 56 markets to reach $201m. The comedy has taken $27.4m in the UK and $24.9m in Germany where it ranks number one in its third weekend. Australia stands at $19.7m, Russia $17m and Italy $15.4m.

The Great Gatsby grossed $10m from 4,734 screens in 59 markets and stands at $160.4m. The F Scott Fitzgerald adaptation opened at number one in Japan on $2.1m from 571 for a record Baz Luhrmann release and has generated $22.4m in the UK, $18.5m in Australia and $16.7m in Russia.

  • UPDATE: After Earth grossed a confirmed $24.5m from 7,577 screens through Sony Pictures Releasing International to boost the running total to $91.7m. Australia opened in fourth place on $1.8m from 258.

In its second weekend the Will Smith-Jaden Smith sci-fi added $2.7m in Russia from 998 screens for $14.8m and raised the tally in Mexico to $9.9m following a $2.5m haul from 1,020. A further $1.9m in France on 497 resulted in $6.7m, while the UK added $1.9m from 505 for $7.5m.

  • UPDATE: Universal’s Fast & Furious 6 roared past its predecessor to become the highest grossing entry in the franchise on $417.1m internationally, overtaking Fast Five’s $416.3m lifetime total with China, Japan and Venezuela to come.

The action thriller added a confirmed $19.9m from 60 territories and in terms of worldwide box office stands at $636.8m compared to the fifth episode’s $628m tally.

Fast & Furious 6 added $4.5m in a strong number one Australian hold in 247 sites to stand at $19.1m. The film has grossed $94m in Latin America, making it Universal’s highest grossing film of all time in the region.

Universal Pictures International executives reported that genre release The Purge plundered $2.3m from 1,047 sites for an early $6.7m running total. Of five debut markets the highlights were Germany on $1m from 265 and Russia on $577,000 from 338.Oblivion grossed $1.2m from 24 territories to reach $194.1m.

  • Star Trek Into Darkness added $17m through Paramount Pictures International as the running total climbed to $201.7m.
  • Lionsgate International licensees generated a terrific $15.6m weekend for the mystery Now You See Me, which currently stands at $27.7m.
  • UPDATE: Fox International executives reported that The Internship grossed $4.73m from 1,386 screens in 19 markets boosted by a $2.2m number three Australian debut from 263. The comedy also arrived in Russia where it grossed $1.3m from 754 and overall stands at an early $4.75m.

Epic added $7.5m from 7,716 screens in 61 markets for $118.7m. It added $1.3m in the UK from 810 in the fourth weekend to reach $18.9m, $964,656 from 1,407 in Russia for $13.9m after three and $762,536 in France from 742 for $8.4m after four.

  • Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 added $1m for $803m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and remains by far the biggest grosser of the early summer season.
  • Focus Features International licensees have generared $58.4m for To Rome With Love.