Warner Bros' upcoming Superman Returns will become the first live-actionpicture to be converted into IMAX 3D as the corporate partners plan asimultaneous release on Jun 30.

Approximately 20 minutes of the film will be converted to 3D, anddirector Bryan Singer, who described the test scenes as "absolutelyamazing", will insert visual cues telling audiences when to put on theirIMAX 3D glasses.

"Releasing select sequences of Superman Returns in IMAX 3D marks a groundbreaking momentin movies," Warner Bros domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman said."This film is going to give fans an opportunity to be immersed in a major live-actionmotion picture like never before."

Superman Returns takes place as the Man of Steel returns to Earth following a lengthyabsence to discover that the love of his life Lois Lane has seemingly moved onwith her life and humans have learned to live without him.

Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, James Marsden, HughLaurie, Sam Huntington and Eva Marie Saint star.