S.W.A.T. scored two number one openings in Asia over theweekend as it went out in its first major markets.

The police thriller grossedan estimated $3m in Japan and became the first film in nine weeks to dethrone BaysideShakedown 2.

The Yen114.3m openingcompares to Yen92m for XXX andYen107.7m for The Bourne Identity,which were both released in 2002.

Distributed by Columbia FilmDistributors International (CTFDI), the film opened number one in Korea on alittle under $1.5m.

The distributor said the debutwas within 5% of XXX's opening.

Overall S.W.A.T. took $4.8m from 565 screens in nine markets andraised its international running total to $8.6m.

Bad Boys 2 opened in New Zealand on a respectable $360,000,while Australia raised its total to $3.9m following $1.1m in its secondweekend.

Bad Boys 2 has already passed the 1995's original's $3.4mlifetime gross in Australia.

Overall the action sequeltook $3.4m from 1,410 screens in 21 markets, raising its total to $31m.

Identity had a disappointing $670,000 bow on 200 screens inFrance, opened on a decent $275,000 from 98 in Brazil and scored an impressive$195,000 from 25 in Switzerland.

In Germany the thrillerdropped 14% in its second weekend, adding $910,000 from 466, while Spain felloff 31% in its third weekend on $405,000 from 256.

Overall Identity grossed $3m from 1,355 screens in 28 markets for a$22.2m running total.

Terminator 3: Rise Of TheMachines slipped 62% in its secondweekend in Italy but remained top after taking $1m from 600 screens.

The sci-fi sequel grossed$1.5m from 25 markets overall for a $273.4m running total, which includesnon-CTFDI releases in Japan (Toho) and Korea (Maha).