Four features get backing of $2.5m.

A decade after Swedish actor Lars Erik Berenett [pictured] last performed as police detective Roland Hassel, he will return in Hassel 12, now as retired, but still trying to get his hands on the $10 million reward leading to clear up the 1986 unsolved murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme.

For his first feature, Swedish writer-director Måns Månsson has revived Olov Svedelid’s fictional character, who worked through 10 TV films (1986-1992) and one theatrical (2000).

Hassel 12, which will be produced by Martin Persson and Charlotte Most for Anagram Production, is one of four features which the Swedish Film Institute has funded by a total of SEK 22.7 million ($2.5 million).

In Swedish director Lisa James Larsson’s feature debut EGO, which she also penned, Sebastian Silverberg’s life is all about appearance, partying and his huge ego, when an accident leaves him blind, and he has to revalue existance. The film will be produced by Tomas Miochaelsson for Filmlance International.

Swedish actor-turned-director Jens Sjögren depicts an unusual friendhip between an old-age-pensioner and a socially tone-deaf and obstinate teenager in Switzerland (Schweiz), his first feature. Kalle Haglund wrote the screenpplay about Alvar and Miriam, and David Olsson will produce for Acne Film.

In Metal Brothers (Bröderna Hårdrock), Swedish director Ulf Malmros – who also scripted – follows two brothers in a sleppy village who will rather organise a heave metal convention than settle down and start families, although they both have eyes for the new line dance instructor. Jan Blomgren will produce the comedy for Bob Film Sweden.

The Swedish Film Institute also chipped in for two international co-productions, including German director Franziska Buch’s Yoko, which is co-staged by Sweden’s Svensk Filmindustri, and Belgian director Nicolas Provost’s The Invader (L’Envahisseur), where Sweden’s hepp film participates.