Three Swedish feature films have been greenlighted after receiving funding from the Swedish Film Institute (SFI).

Children's film Misa Mi is by first-time director Linus Torell. The story, about a 10-year-old girl whose mother is dead, takes place in the forests of the north of Sweden. The film will be produced by Sweetwater's Maritha Norstedt, who produced local hit Sprangaren (The Bomber) last year, and FilmHaus Lagno's Peter Holthausen. It received $461,370 (SEK4.3m) from the Swedish Film Institute and will be released in February 2003.

Prolific Swedish production company Memfis Film is co-producing Danish director Per Fly's new film Arvet (The Inheritance), a drama about a family feud following a large inheritance. The film is the second part of the trilogy which started with the critically acclaimed Baenken (The Bench) in 2000. Anna Anthony, who has formerly worked with directors like Lukas Moodysson and Josef Fares, is co-producing the film, which is now in post-production and which was awarded $107,300 (SEK1m) from the SFI.

Documentary film maker Peter Torbiornsson has followed the Lacandonian people in the south of Mexico for many years. The SFI has allocated $96,600 (SEK900,000) to his new project Den Siste Lakandonen Och Jag (The Last Lacandonian And I).