Zurich-based HesseGreutert Film and Vienna’s Superfilm are to co-produce the first 3D feature film to come from Switzerland and Austria.

Markus Welter’s One Way Trip, which is described by the producers as “an intelligent slasher film with gothic elements and an unexpected ending”, is set to begin its six-week shoot from the end of September.
The screenplay about a group of young people falling into the murderous clutches of a madman as they search for hallucogenic mushrooms in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains was written by Austrian screenwriters Matthias Bauer and Bastian Zach.
The Euros 1.8m production has been supported by Switzerland’s Federal Office for Culture (BAK), Swiss Television SF, the Zurich Film Foundation, the Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI) and the Vienna Film Fund.
Speaking exclusively to ScreenDaily, HesseGreutert Film’s Valentin Greutert said that Florian Maier, owner of Stereoscopic Technologies GmbH near Munich, will serve as the 3D consultant and stereographer for the film.
One Way Trip will be released theatrically in Switzerland by Ascot Elite Entertainment and in Austria by Thimfilm next year.
HesseGreutert Film had previously worked with Welter on his feature debut the thriller Night Rush (Im Sog Der Nacht) in 2008 and is currently producing his TV film Der Wüstenkäser.