Switzerland has chosen its foreign-language Oscar candidate,Fredi M. Murer's Vitus.

The veteran film-maker'sdrama is about a wunderkind dreaming of flying and having a normal childhood.

The seven-person nationaljury said it made its decision based on "the film's quality, itscommercial success in Switzerland (so far 200,000 admissions), itsparticipation in more than six foreign festivals including Berlin and SanSebastian, its selection for the European Film Award as well as the fact thatit was sold to more than 20 countries and the outstanding scenes with the worldfamous actor Bruno Ganz and the young pianist Teo Gheorghiu."

The Vitusfilm production wasreleased in Switzerland by Frenetic Films and is being handled internationallyby Media Luna Entertainment.

The Academy will announcethe selected foreign-language Oscar nominees on January 23.