Producers Rubi Zack of Run Entertainment, Maxim Bakhamatov of Ledokol Bakhmatov Group and Evgen Kuch have hired Michael Tabb to adapt Sergey Lukyanenko's Russian sci-fi fantasy novel The Knights Of 40 Islands.

Lukyanenko previously wrote the Night Watch fantasy novels that spawned Timor Bekmambetov's Russian box office smashes.

The Knights Of 40 Islands is styled as Lord Of The Flies meets Battle Royale and tells of a lethal game involving teams of children spread across 40 tropical islands in a strange land.

'This is a particularly important project in today's world, where in order to survive we have to overcome the differences between people of different races and cultures.' Zack said.

Tabb previously worked with Zack on the final rewrite of the Sony thriller Ring Around The Rosie.

Tabb is represented by New Wave Entertainment, agent Ryan Saul of APA and attorney Darren Trattner of Jackaway Tyerman.