The line-up includes more animated projects than ever before as well as more entries from Hong Kong.

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival has unveilved the line-up of its Film and TV Film Project Promotion (FTPP).

Film-makers and producers of the 25 selected projects will meet with investors during the three day FTPP 2011 event, which takes place November 22 - 24. They will compete for the event’s grand prize of $33,800.

The 25 projects were selected from 109 entries from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. Entries from Hong Kong increaased in 2011, thanks to cooperative efforts by the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association.  The 2011 line-up also includes the most animation film projects selected by the FTPP.

Amongst the projects will be Chinese New Year, to be produced by Brian Cox. US Distribution company Distant Horizon will be on the look out for a Chinese director and lead actor for the film,

Veteran Hong Kong director Herman Yau’s The Second Coming and well-known director and action choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping’s Age of Flux have also been selected.

Taiwanese directors Chang Yi (Kuei-mei, A Woman)and Yee Chih-Yen (Blue Gate Crossing) will be showcasing their new amination projects. Chang’s Blackbum will be executive produced by Yu Wei-Yen, while Yee is collaborating with Monga producer Lee Lieh to create City of Lost Things.

Also in the animation film category will be Jack Shih’s children’s fantasy feature A Happy Wish. Returning to the FTPP is Tom Shu-Yu Lin exploring relationships and morality in his new project, Touched.  Lien Yi-Chi is another familiar face, offering a bloody and passionate combination of Betelnut Girl vs. Zombie.

New female directors stand tough in competition. Wen Chih-Yi takes on Behind Love And Hatred, a Taiwan/France co-production; her short film Sleeping With Her won recognition at 2011 Golden Horse and Asian Pacific Film Festival previously.

Director Tsanbg Tsui-Shan from Hong Kong will attend the event with The Gate of Youth after winning Best Film at the 2008 South Taiwan Film Festival with her debut feature, Lovers on the Road. Representing Singapore and Malaysia is Tan Ai-Leng whose project Sinema Paradiso makes observations on the completely different yet strangely similar Chinese lives lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

Of the entries from Mainland China, apart from festival regular Tibetan director Pema Tseden’s satire drama titled America, two animated film projects have been selected: Captain Lin, a collaborative project between Taiwan’s Wang Films Production Company and Mainland China’s Xiaoxiang Animation and Culture Company, and The Mighty Green, a 3D animation film by veteran director Song Yue-Feng.

Five years since its founding, the FTPP has previously helped finance of Taiwanese films including Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, Jump Ashin!, and the anticipated action drama Black & White

Besides the grand prize, ten post-production companies from Korea, Thailand and Taiwan will offer cash awards to selected projects in their post-production work.