Fox International's thriller Phone Booth opened in Taiwan over the weekend on$241,000 from 70 screens.

The film ranked second in themarket and contributed to the film's $1m international haul from 407 screens.It now has a $14.5m cumulative score.

Elsewhere for Fox, 28 Days Later opened number two in Germany andAustria, grossing $1.1m from 251 screens and $124,000 from 30 respectively.

The sci-fi/horror film took $1.6m from 517 screens over theweekend, raising its running total to $14.4m.

X2: X-Men United opened on $47,000 on five screens in Egypt. The comic book sequeltook $2.4m from 2,527 screens to raise its cumulative score to $182m.

The finalscheduled opening will be Israel on Jun 19.