Korean director Jeong Jae-Eun's Take Care Of My Cat has won this year's Euros2,500 Feature Debut Prize at the Feminale international women's film festival in Cologne.

Take Care Of My Cat, a huge hit in its home country, follows five young girls as they make their first steps from school into adulthood and find their place in life.

Meanwhile, the Feminale Audience Award went to Belgian director Marie France Collard for her film Levis - Women Workers Of This World which had been shown in the sidebar "Zeit Lupe" dedicated to the subject of globalisation.

Away from the festival screenings, this year's Feminale was dominated by discussion about the suggestions from Filmstiftung NRW that the festival be merged with Dortmund's Femme Totale festival.

"The greater efficiency proposed by the Filmstiftung NRW - which would allegedly come from one festival taking place each year instead of two festivals alternately as at present - doesn't hold as an argument," a statement by both festivals argued.