Oscar-winning Bosnian director Danis Tanovic (No Man's Land) is planning his firstBosnian-set film.

The project is an adaptation of Croatianjournalist Ivica Djikic'sdebut novel Circus Columbia.

Speaking after presenting his secondfeature Hell at the Sarajevo FilmFestival, Tanovic explained that fellow Bosnian directorDino Mustafic (whose feature debut Remake appeared in 2003) had intended toadapt the novel for the cinema. Tanovic had offeredto co-produce but when Mustafic decided not to pursuethe project, Tanovic and CedomirKolar acquired the film rights through their jointcompany A.S.A.P. Productions.

"I think we will start preparations for thefilm from next summer year," Tanovic said.

"I really enjoyed reading the book becauseit reminds me of Novecento (1900) by Bernardo Bertolucciwhich is about the beginning of the (last) century, whereas this book is talkingabout the end of the century in the Balkans.

"In a way, it is about the end of the ideasthat were represented in Novecento (1900),of the new rise of nationalism and fascism. It almost seems that the book waswritten to be filmed because it so visual. The story take place over a ten-yearperiod and there are so many characters and scenes that one will have to choosewhich ones to take and which stories to follow."

Producer Kolarsaid Tanovic is also set to direct two as-yet-unnamedEnglish language projects - one to shoot before the end of this year andanother in 2007 - before beginning preparations for Circus Columbia.

"The book we optioned is fantastic. I lovedevery second of it because it is a great film subject," Kolarsaid.

"In a way, it is DanisTanovic coming home: it will be his first Bosnianfilm because No Man's Land is not aBosnian film in a way."

(There wasn't any Bosnian money in Tanovic's Oscar-winning film which was shot on location in Slovenia)

"It will be a Bosnian film with Bosnianactors, Bosnian technicians and in Bosnian locations," Kolaradded. "Interestingly, it is also a Bosnian film with a Mediterranean touchbecause it is set in the south, in Herzegovina in stone villages. It is a vision of Bosniathat people don't usually have."

The project has already received adevelopment and production grant from the Fund for Cinematography of Bosnia andHerzegovina, and Kolar will also be looking toattract financing from co-producers for the project.