Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are collaborating on thehorror project Grind House for Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who will release in North Americathrough their provisionally named outfit, The Weinstein Company, in spring2006.

The filmmakers will each write and direct a 60-minute feature andthe package will include trailers, special bonus materials and added extrasfrom both.

Grind House takes its name from the generic term for violent or pornographicfilms shown in extremely run-down movie theatres. In the past, Tarantino has describedhis Kill Bill movieswere his own grind house flicks.

The news of this latest project comes as The WeinsteinCompany announced an updated 2005-06 slate following a flurry of deal-making inCannes.

Domestic releases will commence in October, days after the Weinsteinsformally end their Miramax contract with the Walt Disney Company.

Buena Vista International will handle all joint projects and talksare ongoing with several distributors to handle international, home entertainmentand television on the wholly owned Weinstein pictures.

"We couldn't imagine anything more exciting than a film beingmade together by the two godfathers of our companies, Quentin and Robert," theWeinsteins said in a joint statement.

"We have said all along that we would hit the ground running andwe

are confident that this slate will represent and deliver the kindof movies that audiences will love."

Meanwhile both Tarantino and Rodriguez, two Weinstein darlings whohave long collaborated with the Miramax and Dimension labels as with each otheron films such as From Dusk Till Dawn and Sin City, implied the collaboration was merely the beginning of what couldevolve into a tantalising partnership.

"Hopefully this film will spawn a series of Grind House films,"Tarantino said, while Rodriguez added that Grind House would be "the first of a series ofmovies we'll be making for the Weinstein Company."

The current Weinstein Company slate is comprised as follows:

*Derailed, Mikael Hafstrom's thriller starring Clive Owen and JenniferAniston. Jointly owned by The Weinstein Company/Walt Disney Studios.

Release date: Oct 21, 2005.

*Wolf Creek, Greg McLean's Australian horror picture that was boughtahead of Sundance and played in Directors Fortnight at Cannes. Dimension Filmsowns rights. Release date: Nov 18, 2005.

*The Matador, Richard Shepard's Sundance hit stars Pierce Brosnan as aworld-weary assassin who strikes up a friendship with Greg Kinnear'screstfallen businessman. Jointly owned by the Weinstein Company/Walt DisneyStudios. Release date: Exclusive on Dec 2, 2005, followed by expansion.

*Transamerica, Duncan Tucker makes his directorial debut with this comedystarring Felicity Huffman. Played at Berlin and Tribeca and will be releasedthrough The Weinstein Company. Release date: Exclusive on Nov 18, 2005,followed by expansion.

*The Promise, Chen Kaige's new epic stars Hiroyuki Sanada, Jang Dong-Kun andCecilia Cheung and got picked up at Cannes under a partnership between TheWeinstein Company and IDG New Media Fund. Release date: Exclusive on Dec 162005 followed by expansion.

*Mrs Henderson Presents, Stephen Frears' London-set drama aboutthe legendary Windmill theatre and its all-nude revues stars Judi Dench and BobHoskins. Jointly owned by The Weinstein Company/Walt Disney Studios. Releasedate: Exclusive on Dec 25 2005 followed by expansion.

*The Gathering, a thriller from Brian Gilbert starring Christina Ricci, KerryFox and Stephan Dillane. Release date: Jan 6 2006.

*Feast, a Project Greenlight horror title from John Gulager starringKrista Allen, that will go out under the Dimension Films label. Release date:Jan 20 2006.

*Breaking & Entering, Anthony Minghella's drama starring JudeLaw, Robin Wright Penn and Juliette Binoche. Jointly owned by the WeinsteinCompany/Walt Disney Studios. Release date: early February 2006.

*Pulse, a remake of Japanese horror picture Kairo will go outunder the Dimension Films label. Release date: Mar 3 2006.

*Killshot, John Madden thriller based on Elmore Leonard novel. Releasedate: Mar 17 2006.

*Scary Movie 4 once again directed by David Zucker and starring Anna Farris andRegina Hall. Jointly owned by the Weinstein Company/Walt Disney Studios and setto go out under the Dimension Films label. Release date: Apr 14 2006.

*Sin City 2, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are preparing a sequel to thisyear's hit adaptation of Miller's graphic novel. Jointly owned by the WeinsteinCompany/Walt Disney Studios and set to go out under the Dimension Films label.Release date: summer 2006.

As previously announced, the Weinsteins have secured an equityinvestment and debt financing commitment from Goldman Sachs, and will announcefurther distribution plans for The Decameron, Last Legion and Young Hannibal, as well as Hoodwinked!, Outlander, Stormbreaker and Nomad.

Thebrothers expect to announce a new company name and further operational detailsin the summer.