It was a meeting of heavyweights. Over the weekend, Martin Scorsese and Lars von Trier came face to face here in Berlin.

Their encounter provoked a flurry of speculation in the Danish media about a potential collaboration between the two directors. It has been speculated that von Trier was going to have Scorsese re-do Taxi Driver, putting hurdles in his way as he had done with Jorgen Leth in The Five Obstructions.

Zentropa sources have been busy denying the rumours. “I have seen it [the story] in the Danish film magazine and what is written there is not true,” von Trier’s business partner Peter Aalbaek Jensen told Screen.

Jensen confirmed the directors had met at the Berlinale but said rumours von Trier wanted to re-make Taxi Driver were “rubbish”.

In a UK interview last year, von Trier revealed that at one stage he had tried to make a series called ‘Films that made me make films’, in which he would ask film-makers he admired about the movies that influenced them.