UK-based Princess Films is starting production on a feature documentary, I Don’t Want To Talk About It, about three women rebuilding their lives after being raped.

The project will include contributions from their family and friends, as well as an interview with a man falsely accused of rape, a confrontational interview with a convicted rapist, and legal and police experts who deal with rape cases.

Broadcast pre-sales of £150,000 will be donated to RapeCrisis (England & Wales).

The project will shoot starting June 27 in London and Surrey.

Richard John Taylor will direct. The subject is a personal one for him — Taylor and a 20-year-old female friend were attacked by a group of teenagers in January 2010 in Surrey. The woman was raped while Taylor was beaten until he was unconscious.

Taylor is a film and TV editor (his credits include EastEnders) who runs Princess Films.

He has also done a sponsored endurance swim to raise money towards the film’s £55,000 budget.