Trey Parker andMatt Stone's marionette terrorism satire Team America: World Police has landed a unique screening slot atthe upcoming 27th Starz Denver International Film Festival.

The picturebecomes the first ever opening night after-hours special and will screen after Ray, the official opening night selection,on Oct 14. Paramount plans to release Team America in US theatres a day later.

"We aredelighted, for the first time ever, to offer a second title to co-open ourfestival," festival director Ron Henderson said in a statement.

"And we saluteour own home-grown heroes, Mr Parker and Mr Stone, for putting the "F" back infestival."

Team America:World Police boasts awooden cast of do-gooders who spend their time thwarting the forces of evil,ranging from terrorists to washed-up celebrities.

Parker directedthe picture and co-wrote the screenplay with Stone and Pam Brady. Scott Rudinproduced with Stone.

The festival closes on Oct24 when Morgan Freeman will receive the 2004 Mayor's Lifetime AchievementAward, take part in an on-stage interview and attend a screening of 15 minutesof his latest role in the family drama An Unfinished Life, which Miramax plans to release on Dec 24.