Teri Kane,Miramax senior vice president of publicity, is leaving the company to set upher own firm, Teri Kane Public Relations.

During hernine-years at Miramax, Kane has overseen individual publicity campaigns onnumerous acclaimed films, including Academy Award winners Shakespeare inLove and The EnglishPatient.

'Teri hasmade great contributions to Miramax during her long tenure with the company,'Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein said in a statement.

'We are confident that she will enjoy great successin her new venture and are happy to be among her first clients.'

'I'mgrateful to Harvey Weinstein for the opportunity to be part of theextraordinary marketing and public relations expertise for which Miramax hasbecome known,' Kane added.

'Harveyand the staff at Miramax have always inspired me and I am thrilled we willcontinue working together in my new endeavour.'

Prior to joiningMiramax in 1994, Kane planned and implemented more than 60 film campaigns assenior vice president of publicity at Clein, Feldman and White PublicRelations, where her clients included Fine Line Features and The William MorrisAgency.

Before that wasa publicist for M/S Billings Publicity. Kane began her film career in production, serving in various capacitieson such films as Raging Bull and Kramer vs Kramer.