Child prostitution feature is directed by Jacco Groen.

Producers Springfilm and Film & Music Entertainment have signed global humanitarian organisation Terre des Hommes has become the campaign partner for the film Snow White (aka Lilet Never Happened).

Jacco Groen’s feature is a look at the dark underbelly of child prostitution in Manila. Dutch actress Johanna Ter Steege stars as an aid worker whorking with streetkids.

Terre des Hommes is a children’s aid organisation.

“One of the goals of the movie Snow White/Lilet Never Happened,” says Executive producer Jamillah van der Hulst, ” is to draw attention to the terrible situation of millions of children who, at this moment, are exploited as child prostitutes. Together with a partner as Terre des Hommes we are confident that we will be able to do get the attention needed.”

“Now that the film is in the can and the post production process has begun,” says F&ME’s Mike Downey, “we can begin the process of planning the film’s international roll out aimed at having the maximum possible effect to highlight the problem of child prostitution worldwide. Around the world, every year, more than 1.8 million children are victims of sexual exploitation. Different factors contribute to this: poverty, political situation, cultural aspects, war and tourism. The global economic downturn has seen an exponential increace in the exploitation of children.”