Hong Kong’s box office increased by just 4% in 2013, with Iron Man 3 heading the chart with a haul of $13.72m, according to local industry body the Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA).

In total, 310 films were released in Hong Kong during 2013, taking a combined $209.6m (HK$1.62bn), compared to 303 films grossing $200.6m (HK$1.56m) the previous year. In 2012, the Hong Kong box office increased by 12% compared to 2011, suggesting that the growth achieved by 3D releases and premium ticket prices is starting to slow.

Iron Man 3 had a long lead on the second highest-grossing film, Monsters University, which took $9.98m. The highest-grossing local film was Dante Lam’s mixed martial arts drama Unbeatable, which grossed $5.76m, for third place in the top ten. 

Local films accounted for a market share of 21.7%, consistent with the past few years, in which Chinese films have held a minority position in a market that skews towards Hollywood franchises, particularly those in 3D. However the number of local film releases dropped from 53 in 2012 to 42 last year.

The number of foreign films grew from 250 in 2012 to 268 last year. Top grossers also included World War Z with $5.49m, Thor: The Dark World ($4.73m), Man Of Steel ($4.3m) and animation Despicable Me 2 ($4.2m), which is having a delayed release on the mainland this weekend.

Benny Chan’s The White Storm, which closed this year’s Rome Film Festival, is the only other local film that made it into the top ten. December release Firestorm, produced by Bill Kong and starring Andy Lau, was performing well as the year closed and is the fourth biggest local film of the year.

Hong Kong Top Ten Films 2013 (Jan 1-Dec 31)

1.Iron Man 3 (Apr 25) $13.72m (HK$106.4m)

2.Monsters University (July 11) $9.98m (HK$77.4m)

3.Unbeatable (Aug 15) $5.76m (HK$44.6m)

4.World War Z (June 20) $5.49m (HK$42.6m)

5.Thor: The Dark World (Oct 31) $4.73m (HK$36.7m)

6.Man Of Steel (June 27) $4.30m (HK$33.3m)

7.Despicable Me 2 (July 4) $4.20m (HK$32.6m)

8.Pacific Rim (July 18) $4.09m (HK$31.7m)

9.The White Storm (Dec 5) HK$3.91m (HK$30.3m) **

10.A Good Day To Die Hard (Feb 7) $3.70m (HK$28.7m)


1.Iron Man 3 (Apr 25) $13.72m (HK$106.4m)

2.Monsters University (July 11) $9.98m (HK$77.4m)

3.World War Z (June 20) $5.49m (HK$42.6m)

4.Thor: The Dark World (Oct 31) $4.73m (HK$36.7m)

5.Man Of Steel (June 27) $4.30m (HK$33.3m)

6.Despicable Me 2 (July 4) $4.20m (HK$32.6m)

7.Pacific Rim (July 18) $4.09m (HK$31.7m)

8.A Good Day To Die Hard (Feb 7) $3.70m (HK$28.7m)

9.The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (Dec 12) $3.65m (HK$28.3m)**

10.Now You See Me (June 13) $3.59m (HK$27.8m)


1.Unbeatable (Aug 15) $5.76m (HK$44.6m)

2.The White Storm (Dec 5) HK$3.91m (HK$30.3m) **

3.Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons (Feb 7) $3.66m (HK$28.4m)

4.Firestorm (Dec 19) $2.80m (HK$21.7m) **

5.The Grandmaster (Jan 10) $2.75m (HK$21.3m)

6.Out Of Inferno (Oct 3) $2.62m (HK$20.3m)

7.Hotel Deluxe (Feb 7) $2.51m (HK$19.4m)

8.Rigor Mortis (Oct 24) $2.21m (HK$17.2m)

9.I Love Hong Kong 2013 (Feb 7) $2.19 (HK$17m)

10.SDU Sex Duties Unit (July 25) $2.16m(HK$16.7m) 

** Still on release

Source: Hong Kong Theatres Association, Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association