Thai productions coming to the screen soon, compiled by Silvia Wong. Click on link to be taken to related website

First Flight (completed)
Dir: Thanit Jitnukul
Set during the First World War, a young Thai peasant aspires to become a pilot in the country's first flying division.
Contact: Golden Network, (852) 2751 1886

Muay Thai Chaiya (completed)
Dir: Kongkait Komesiri
A martial arts drama following three small-town friends who battle their way to become top Muay Thai Chaiya fighters.
Contact: Five Star, (66) 2247 7990

The Truth Be Told (completed)
Dir: Pimpaka Towira
A documentary inspired by the true story of media activist Supinya Klangnarong who was sued by Shin Corporation, the telecommunication giant owned by the family of former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.
Contact: Extra Virgin,

Body (in post)
Dir: Paween Purijitpanya
A medical student, whose dreams are haunted by a crime committed by a mysterious man, comes to believe a dead woman is sending messages of revenge.
Contact: GTH, (66) 2662 3404

Chocolate (in post)
Dir: Prachya Pinkaew
A martial arts film following an autistic girl who battles the underworld to save her mother.
Contact: Sahamongkolfilm International, (66) 2273 0930

The House (in post)
Dir: Monthon Arayangkoon
A TV reporter investigating a killing discovers two further murder cases involving people who lived in the same house.
Contact: Golden Network, (852) 2751 1886

The Life Of Buddha (in post)
An animation telling the story of Prince Siddhartha's search for the meaning of life and how he became Buddha.
Contact: Mono Film, (66) 2502 0700

Queens Of Pattani (in post)
Dir: Nonzee Nimibutr
A big-budget period epic about a sea gypsy with magical powers who helps protect her country from merciless pirates.
Contact: Sahamongkolfilm International, (66) 2273 0930

Fighting Beat (in production)
Dir: Piti Chaturaphat
A martial arts drama inspired by a true story that took place on Phi Phi island, where foreign fighters met the ultimate challenge in Muay Thai fighting.
Contact: Mono Film, (66) 2502 0700

Ong Bak 2 (in production)
Dir: Tony Jaa
A period action-drama following a young man who becomes the king's best knight while seeking revenge for his murdered parents.
Contact: Sahamongkolfilm International, (66) 2273 0930

The Screen At Kamchanod
(in production)
Dir: Songsak Mongkolthong
Based on a popular urban legend, this horror film tells the story of a chilling incident that took place in the forest of Kamchanod.
Contact: Five Star, (66) 2247 7990

Art Of The Devil 3
(in pre-production)
Dirs: Ronin Team
After a runaway box-office success in Asia with Art Of The Devil 2, the Ronin Team follows up with more gore and thrills in this black-magic horror.
Contact: Five Star, (66) 2247 7990

Bedside Detective (in post, pictured above)
Dir: Khomkrit Treewimol
The Dear Dakanda director turns to comedy with a film about an apprentice private eye who comes under investigation when he falls for a woman he is shadowing.
Contact: GTH, (66) 2662 3404