Organisers of the 9th AnnualSlamdance Screenplay Competition announced the 10 winners at an awards ceremonyin Los Angeles yesterday (23).

The competition culled thetop 10 screenplays from more than 1,800 submissions, judged by a panel ofscreenwriters, filmmakers and industry professionals.

Cash prizes of $3,000,$1,000 and $500 went to the top three, while each winner receives screenwritingsoftware and will have his or her screenplay read during Slamdance's stagedreading series, Slamdance On Stage, in March/April 2005.

The winning scripts (inorder) are:

The Apology, by Amir Ohebsion, David Diaan and Babak Shokrian;

Wild Oats, by Claudia Myers and Gary Kanew;

Bone, by David Gregg;

Accustomed To Your Face, by Russell Sommers;

Girls Can't Play Pool, by Julian M Kheel;

Imaginary Friends, by John Stancari;

Split Infinity, by Nova Jacobs and John Douglas Sinclair;

Emma, by Chris Rodgers;

Claude, by Andrea Kleine; and

Two Gun, by Robert G Steele.

The competition is regardedas a strong proving ground for emerging writers. Recent successes includeNicole Kassell and Stephen Fechter's The Woodsman, which is due to be released through Newmarket onDec 24; and Josuha Marston's Maria Full Of Grace, which opened in July and has grossed more than$5.3m.