As it heads into second and third international weekends Marvel Studios-Disney’s behemoth should have little trouble zipping past $600m from its $517.8m perch. The question is – will it cross $1bn at the global box office by the end of Sunday?

Another mighty weekend awaits as the superhero mash-up targets the sparkling milestone, a feat it will certainly pull off within the week if not by the end of this weekend.

As of Thursday (10) The Avengers stood at $775m worldwide and the question on the lips of distribution executives is where will it finish.

Latest tallies through the end of Wednesday (9) put The Avengers at $57.2m in the UK, $42.8m in Mexico, $36.3m in Brazil, $34.6m in Australia, $33.4m in South Korea, $30.7m in France, $29.1m in China and $29m in Russia. The film arrives in japan in August.

Warner Bros’ Dark Shadows opens day-and-date with North America in 42 markets this weekend and opened top in France on Wednesday, grossing $770,000 and drawing 95,000 admissions.

The latest collaboration between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton will be active in every major market except Japan, which opens on May 19, and Mexico and Brazil on Jun 22.

Universal’s Battleship stands at $187m through UPI and docks in Latin America this weekend, where highlights are expected from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

Fox International opens Ausgerechnet Sibirien in Germany, Chronicle on $60.1m arrives in Italy and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on $73.1m opens in France and Brazil. Titanic 3D has reached $279m.