Lil Bub gets the big screen treatment in a new documentary.


This year’s Tribeca Film Festival is lining up all kinds of cinephile delights from top-name directors and exciting new voices in auteur filmmaking. But enough about them, we’re predicting the top draw of this year’s festival to be Lil Bub.

VICE will be at Tribeca presenting the world premiere of documentary Lil Bub & Friendz, about cats finding stardom on the internet. Let’s just say the animal lovers here at Screen Towers haven’t been as excited since Rent A Cat debuted and the Walker Art Center launched the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

The feline fraulein Lil Bub — known for her unique genetic mutations — and her owner Mike Bridavsky share the screen with Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat, in Andy Capper (Reincarnated) and Juliette Eisner’s documentary about the phenomenon of online cat videos and memes. The soundtrack features the likes of Spiritualized and Steve Reich.


Even those hardened hearts at VICE declare that Lil Bub “has won the love and attention of the internet and the world with her unique look and inspiring message — one of positivity and giving in the face of hardship and destitution.”

Teaser trailer here, the full trailer drops March 18 (not that we’re counting the days or anything).