France 's Academie des Arts et Techniques du Cinema has announced modifications to this year's voting rules. In the category of best film, 7 films will vie for contention as opposed to the traditional five.

In addition, in the best foreign film category, the total nominated films also moves up to seven from five. In that category, two of the films nominated will be foreign but also in the French language.

The Academie announced the changes in a statement on Friday and said, 'These two modifications will allow the Cesars to better reflect the richness and diversity of French cinema on one hand and to better showcase foreign productions shot in French on the other.'

The Academie also announced that Charlotte Gainsbourg has been selected to preside over the ceremony.

The Cesar award is France's equivalent to the Oscar. This year's nominations will be announced on January 23. Winners will be unveiled at the awards ceremony on February 27 in Paris.