Liz Shackleton profiles some of the hottest new films coming out of China

A Chinese Ghost Story

Crystal Liu stars in this $20m retelling of a famous myth about a female spirit who falls in love with a human. Backed by Golden Sun Film Co, A Chinese Ghost Story is directed by Wilson Yip (Ip Man, Ip Man 2). China Film Group will release this summer.

Int’l sales: Golden Sun Film Co

Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate

Tsui Hark is remaking his 1992 martial-arts classic, Dragon Inn, in a 3D version with backing from Bona Film Group, China Film and others. Jet Li and Zhou Xun star in the $35m film, which is in post.

Int’l sales: Distribution Workshop

Flying Tigers

John Woo is directing and Terence Chang producing this big-budget action drama about US pilots who fought alongside the Chinese during the Second World War. Chang is seeking US partners to co-produce with China Film Group. The film will be remastered into the Imax format.

Int’l sales: Lion Rock Productions

King’s Banquet

The first costume epic from City Of Life And Death director Lu Chuan revolves around political scheming at the end of the Qin Dynasty. Liu Ye stars in the film which has backing from Beijing-based Stellar Group, China Film and others.

Int’l sales: Stellar Group

The Lost Bladesman

Infernal Affairs writers Alan Mak and Felix Chong are co-directing Donnie Yen in this epic tale of legendary Chinese warrior Guan Yunchang. Backed by Beijing-based Star Union Skykee Film Investment, the film is scheduled for delivery this autumn.

Int’l sales: Easternlight Films

Nanjing Heroes

Christian Bale stars in Zhang Yimou’s historical drama about 13 prostitutes who saved a group of convent girls during the Nanjing Massacre. Produced by Beijing New Picture Film Co and Hong Kong’s Edko Films, the $90m film is currently shooting in China.

Int’l sales: Edko Films

Painted Skin 2

Following his kinetic debut, The Butcher, The Chef And The Swordsman, Mongolian director Wuershan is tackling the sequel to Gordon Chan’s 2008 smash-hit fantasy epic Painted Skin.

Int’l sales: Huayi Brothers

Wu Xia

Peter Ho-sun Chan’s first martial-arts film as director also marks the first on-screen pairing of action hero Donnie Yen and heart-throb Takeshi Kaneshiro. Chan’s We Pictures is producing with Stellar Group and other mainland investors. The $20m production is being lined up for a summer release.

Int’l sales: We Distribution