Warner Bros Pictures International’s The Dark Knight Rises ruled the box office for the seventh consecutive weekend thanks to an estimated $13m haul that saw the Batman epic cross $600m.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman finale was active on 6,441 screens in 64 markets and stands at $603.4m. It brought in a further $2.3m in Italy on 820 for $14.5m after two weekends. After 12 days in release the €11.6m Italian tally has exceeded the €9.96m lifetime gross of The Dark Knight in Euros, although the corresponding dollar amount is lower than that of its predecessor due to the weaker US currency.

China results will not be reported until Tuesday however the projection is $5.7m from close to 2,100 screens for a $42.1m running total. The film has grossed $86.5m in the UK.

Japanese title Rurouni Kenshin added $3.2m in its third week in Japan for $25.4m. The film is a co-production of Warner Entertainment Japan and C&I Entertainment.

The Bourne Legacy grossed $13m through Universal Pictures International from 4,400 sites in 48 territories as the running total climbed to $78.2m, bringing the franchise to the cusp of $500m at the international box office and $1.1bn worldwide.

The thriller opened in 11 territories and debuted top in South Korea on a muscular $4m from 268. Bourne also opened top in the Netherlands and Iceland and arrived in Brazil in fourth place on $1.1m from 234 and Italy on $836,000 from 274.

Ted added $6.4m from 2,340 in 34 for $177.8m and produced an excellent Argentinian debut on $522,000 from 41 and launched at number one in Singapore on $835,000 from 21.

ParaNorman added $2.4m from 2,600 in 27 Universal territories for an early $20.4m and opened in eight, led by Brazil in third place on $1.1m from 233.

Toronto world premiere Anna Karenina scored a $1.6m UK launch from 494 venues and ranked second behind Dredd in a soft weekend due to the excellent local weather. Universal holds a handful of territories and the remainder will open in the first quarter of 2013.

Safe House opened in Japan in fourth place on $1.4m from 248 and the tally stands at $79m. The Expendables 2 has grossed $17.3m in Russia and $6.6m in Italy. Savages has reached an early $4.3m and Moonrise Kingdom has taken $4.4m from four Universal territories.

Paramount Pictures International reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3 added $4.3m over the weekend from 2,401 cinemas in 34 countries for $396.7m. The third weekend in Italy generated $2.3m from 646 cinemas for $23.7m.

Tadeo Jones held at number one in Spain on $2.2m from 335 for $8.3m after two weekends. After 16 weeks in release The Dictator stands at $117.1m.

Fox International Production’s Raaz 3D scored the sixth biggest launch of the year-to-date in India on $8.7m from 2,250 screens through Fox International for the biggest Bollywood 3D debut in history. The film took $8.9m from its first wave in India, the UK, Oman and Bahrain.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter earned $4.9m from 2,716 screens in 20 markets for $60.9m, buoyed by a $2.4m Brazilian debut from 328 in second place and number one holds in Mexico and Colombia that brought in $1m for $3.5m and $271,481 for $883,098, respectively.

Ice Age 4 added $1.8m from 3,396 in 34 for $679m and will launch in Italy on Sept 28. Germany has generated $61.7m after 10 weekends in release, France $53.3m after 11, Russia $49.6m after nine and the UK $45.7m after nine.

Prometheus grossed $6.3m in China in its second weekend to hold firm in second place and reach $17.8m, while $1.2m in Japan pushed the total to $20.1m after three. Overall the sci-fi thriller added $8.5m from 3,407 in seven markets and stands at $247.7m.

Chilean hit Stefan Vs Kramer held on to that number one spot for the sixth weekend in a row and stands at $10.2m. It ranks as the industry’s third biggest release in Chile.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that Brave grossed a further $10.3m as the running total climbed to $254.9m. The global tally stands at $488.3m. Marvel’s The Avengers has reached $886m internationally and $1.507bn worldwide.

Total Recall grossed $5.4m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 3,910 screens in 70 markets as the sci-fi reboot climbed to $108.4m. The Amazing Spider-Man brought in $3.6m from the second weekend in China from 4,275 and stands at $39.9m. The overall running total is $483.3m.

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