A sensual and poetic, yet sober look at human eroticism. An anthropologist (Jørgen Leth), collects material for a study on the nature and significance of the erotic. Identifying a number of travel destinations where he will look for the erotic in countries where he knows it exists, he seeks to examine what makes the erotic so important in human life. Forgoing a screenplay in the conventional sense, the film is based on documents, letters images and poems by Leth himself.

Prod companies: Zentropa Entertainments

 Backers: The Danish Film Institute, DR (Denmarks Radio), NFTF (Nordic TV and Film Fund)

Producers: Marianne Christensen, Lars von Trier, creative producer

 Budget: 8,1 mio DKKR = 1,1 mio. Euros.

 Intl sales: TrustNordisk

Director: Jørgen Leth

 Screenplay: Jørgen Leth

 DoP: Dan Holmberg, Adam Philip and others

 Production Design: Tba

  Cast: Jørgen Leth & others

 Locations: Haiti, Brazil, Senegal, Venezuela, South East Asia, Europe

 Shooting from when until when: March to November 2009

 Contact: Marianne Christensen, phone:(45) 4013 1703