Revolution Studios' supernatural mystery The Forgotten launched well in its first marketsthrough Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI), opening topin both Spain and Mexico on $1.4m on 262 screens and $1m on 300 respectively.

Smaller launches in Taiwan,where it ranked top on $320,000 on 19, and South Africa, where it opened insecond place on $88,000 on 45, helped towards a $2.9m weekend haul.

The comedy White Chicks grossed $4.1m on 1,873 screens in 17 CTFDI markets, raisingits cumulative total to $21.8m, and $22.5m through all distributors.

The picture opened in France on$595,000 on 210 and grossed $210,000 on 32 screens in Belgium. Rankings wereunavailable at time of writing.

Decent second weekend holdovers saw White Chicks add $1.2m on 326 in the UK, $650,000 on196 in Mexico and $410,000 on 482 in Germany, and $315,000 on 232 in its thirdweekend in Mexico.

The horror sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse passed $50m through all distributors andovertook the domestic gross. It took $1.9m on 1,200 screens in 12 CTFDImarkets, fuelled by a third place debut in Australia on $880,000 on 166.

Latest running totals released by CTFDI executives put the UK on$3.2m and Brazil on $1.9m after three weekends, while Mexico has produced $4.2mafter its fifth weekend.

Overall the picture took$3.3m through all distributors, raising the industry-wide total to $51.8m and$35.1m through CTFDI.