Horror remake The Grudge, which opened in the US through Columbia Pictures, goes out wide through UIP in theUK on Nov 5 on 400 prints in what looks likely to be a muscular debut following its strong Stateside launch.

Thepicture also opens in Mexico on the same day and can expect high grosses thereas well, given the near universal appeal of the horror genre.

ElsewhereParamount'sThe Manchurian Candidate was due to open in France through UIP on Nov 3,while the remake of Alfie, which has grossed $6.1m from itsinternational run so far, opens in Mexico on Nov 5.

UIPwas also set to release the DreamWorks comedy Anchorman in Germanythrough UIP on Nov 4.

Ironicallyin the week that has seen DreamWorks' Shark Tale pass $100m at theinternational box office through UIP, Pixar's latest release The Incredibles embarks uponwhat the form guide suggests will be a huge international run.

Each of the five Pixar titles released thus far through BuenaVista International (BVI) has taken at least $160m, and executives have highhopes as The Incredibles opens in its first market of Indonesia on Nov5, day-and-date with the US release.

By way of comparison, Toy Story grossed $166.4m afteropening in 1995, A Bug's Life followed three years later on $200.6m, ToyStory 2 opened in 1999 and took $239.2m, Monsters, Inc took $273.1mafter going out in 2002, while Finding Nemo, the daddy of them all,amassed $524.9m by late summer this year.

Fox International opened the action horror Alien Vs Predator in Germany on Nov 4 on a wide 572 screens. The picture has taken $45.2m to date.

The comedy Taxi goes out in Brazil on Nov 5 on 135 and is in the early stages of its release. Sci-fi thriller I, Robot has no major debuts this weekend and is closing in on $200m with a $196.9m international running total.

Miramax'sromantic comedy Shall We Dance was due toopen through BVI in Germany on Nov 4 and Spain a day later, and has taken $7.5mto date.

The distributor was set to release family sequel The PrincessDiaries 2 in Russia on Nov 4 and executives will be looking to build on thepicture's $19.9m international running total. The Village has no majordebuts and has grossed $136.4m to date.

The martial arts epic Hero, which isdistributed through Miramax in the US and handled in select territories by BVI,wasset to open through BVI in Australia on Nov 4 and has taken $114.6m through alldistributors to date.

WarnerBros Pictures International reported no major openings scheduled for theweekend, however executives did release latest international cumulative totals.

Troy has grossed $363.4m, Harry Potter And The Prisoner OfAzkaban is on $539.2m, Catwoman is on $36.8m, Exorcist: TheBeginning has amassed $12.1m (Warner Bros has limited rights), and AVery Long Engagement is on $13.7m so far.

Details from Columbia TriStar FilmDistributors International were unavailable at time of writing.