M Night Shyamalan's mystery The Happening took the international box office crown at the weekend thanks to an estimated $32.1m through Fox International from 5,714 screens in 88 markets.

However the clear pound-for-pound champion was Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk, which grossed $31m through UPI in 3,165 venues in 38 territories - a terrific start for the rebooted franchise that will open in its remaining 23 Universal markets over the next seven weeks.

The Happening delivered several mighty number one launches led by France on $4.6m from 550 screens, Spain on an excellent $3.8m from 389 and Italy on $1.9m from 371.

Other notables included the UK on $3.4m from 389 in third place, Mexico on $2.6m from 557 for second place and Shyamalan's biggest debut, Russia on $2.1m from 482, Germany on $1.8m from 550 in third and South Korea on $1.6m from 240 for third.

The Happening also stirred up the box office in Brazil on $1.3m from 181 for second place, Australia on $1.5m from 240 for fourth, Belgium on $467,184 from 60 for first place and Holland on $357,475 from 78 for third.

Fox International's doughty comedy Juno remains active in Japan and has amassed $85m through all distributors.

The Incredible Hulk averaged nearly $10,000 per international screen and delivered a suitably impressive accompaniment to the weekend's $54.5m North American debut, scoring number one in nearly all its markets.

Overall the green-eyed monster grossed $28.8m from Universal territories and $2.2m from Australia and New Zealand through Paramount. The roster of number one results was led by the UK on $6.3m, which beat Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk by 22%, followed by Mexico's $4.6m that took 41% market share, beat Hulk by 15% and delivered Universal's biggest ever launch.

The $3.7m result in Russia was kick-started by Universal's biggest ever Thursday opening and overall the film grossed six times as much as Hulk did n its first weekend. $3.3m in South Korea was 88% ahead of Hulk.

The film also managed $2m in Brazil and $1.9m in Australia and opens in 10 more territories next weekend including Italy on June 18 and Spain (through Sony) on June 20.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall added $2m from 511 in 11 for $27m, fired by a decent German debut that ranked fourth on $1.2m from 342 sites. The comedy launched in Austria on $300,000 from 65 in second place and arrives in eight territories next weekend including France, Belgium and South Africa.

New Line's Sex And The City continued its lucrative run and added $23.3m for 5,597 international screens for a total of $135.9m. Carrie Bradshaw and friends added $3.7m for $40.4m in the UK, $2.5m for $17.3m in Germany, $4.2m for $14.9m in Australia and $1.8m for $13.8m in France.

The romantic comedy opened in four and scored an impressive $1.2m number one launch from 108 in the Netherlands. It also opened top in the Slovak Republic on $106,765 from 13 and Serbia on $90,197 from six. Argentina produced $480,000 from 71.

Paramount/PPI's Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull added a further $18.5m to the coffers from 7,193 locations in 61 territories and stands at a magnificent $357.5m.

Indy added $2.9m from 490 sites in the UK for $69.7m and stands at $33.7m in France after adding $2.4m from 807. Germany produced $1.8m from 677 for $24.5m, Spain added $1.5m from 590 for $27 and South Korea added $1.4m from 410 for $25m. Australia raised its tally by $1.3m from 264 for $24.6m.

Kung Fu Panda grossed $14m from 1,721 venues in 15 territories for $41.5m. There were six debuts including a number two placement in Thailand on $424,000 from 42. The animated hit added $5.3m from 574 in Russia for $16.7m and $4.4m from 586 in South Korea for $14.2m.

Iron Man raised its tally by $1.1m from 1,794 in 58 PPI territories for a PPI cumulative total of $209.2m. The overall tally rises to $250.2m including non-PPI territories

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $11.2m from 4,700 screens in 30 territories for $123m after five weekends.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's romantic comedy Made Of Honor added $3m from 1,500 screens in 32 markets for $39.2m, fired by a $1.3m Italian debut on 300 that ranked second.

The card counting drama 21 added $2.5m from 1,255 screens in 45 markets for $63.5m. Comedy You Don't Mess With The Zohan grossed $1.4m from 455 screens in four markets and stands at $4.6m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's children's film Speed Racer added $1.4m from 1,312 prints in 37 markets and has reached $37.8m.