Buena Vista's family hit TheHaunted Mansion passed $100m at the international box office this weekendthanks to a $2.3m weekend gross through Buena Vista International

Once again the key driverwas Japan, where the picture remained number for its third weekend in a row and raised itscumulative score to $24.5m.

Currently on a whisker over$100m, The Haunted Mansion is the seventh picture this year to gross more than$100m at the international box office and the third distributed by BVI.

The two other titles are BrotherBear, which has added $141.5m this year for $161.5m, and Finding Nemo,which added $100m this year for a $524m running total.

Miramax's Starsky &Hutch grossed $3.4m through BVI at the weekend for a $65.8m running total, while KillBill Vol 2 raised its total in BVI markets by $3.5m to $31.1m.