The Hulk grossed an estimated $3.1m from 325 theatres in fivenumber one Asian openings over the weekend, complementing Universal'stable-topping bow in the US.

In Hong Kong it took$700,000 from 39 venues, which Universal claimed was roughly twice as much asthe opening for Gladiator andjust ahead of X2: X-Men United.

Universal scored its fourthbiggest opening day ever in Singapore, where The Hulk grossed $580,000 from 28 venues for thedistributor's seventh biggest opening weekend.

Malaysia produced $122,000from 38 on its opening day for Universal's second biggest bow of all timebehind The Lost World. Theweekend estimate of $525,000 is shaping up to be the fourth biggest of alltime.

In the Philippines AngLee's comic book adaptation grossed $138,000 from 66 for the sixthbiggest opening day ever in the territory.

The weekend estimate is$672,000 from 43 sites for the eighth biggest opening ever there.

Thailand opened on $630,000from 181 venues, which Universal said was its seventh biggest opening weekend,bigger than Jurassic Park and JurassicPark 3.

Figures for the Russianopening on Friday will be available this week. The film will open in 12 moreterritories this weekend including Australia, Taiwan and Latin America.

"For markets where TheHulk has small cult-type awareness,these results are awesome and a great start for the filminternationally," Randy Greenberg, senior vice president of internationalmarketing and distribution, said in a statement.

"We expect similarfantastic openings around the world over the next few weeks."