Pixar's TheIncredibles looks a safebet to break Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason's stranglehold on the international boxoffice this weekend when it launches in its first wave of major markets.

Buena Vista International (BVI) was due to release theanimated title in France on Nov 24, followed by the UK, Spain and Italy on Nov26.

BVI doesn'treveal screen counts prior to release, however the Pixar track record suggestssuper-wide platforms in each territory followed by towering grosses.

By way ofcomparison, Finding Nemo opened top in all these markets last year. It grossed $12.3m inthe UK in October, followed in December by $12.6m on 893 screens in France,$6.6m on 470 in Italy, and $5.5m on 383 in Spain.

TheIncredibles has taken$12.3m from all its minor international markets to date and grossed $6.5m inpaid previews in the UK alone last weekend.

The adventurestory National Treasure,which opened top in the US last weekend, gets its first international releasesthrough BVI in Germany and Australia on Nov 25.

Miramax's ShallWe Dance' opens inBrazil on Nov 26. To date it has accumulated $41.9 through all distributors.BVI will also release the martial arts epic Hero, which stood on $117m through alldistributors as of Nov 14, in Mexico on Nov 26.

Universal's BridgetJones: The Edge Of Reason,which has amassed $64m according to Universal international distributionexecutives, opens through UIP in Russia on Nov 25 on 160 prints and in Mexico aday later on 150.

UIP also plansreleases for Universal's adventure drama Two Brothers in Australia on Nov 25 on 150. Thatpicture has taken $23.1m industry-wide to date.

Latest UIPtotals put the thriller Collateral on $108.9m, animated feature Shrek 2 on $423.9m, and political thriller TheManchurian Candidate on$18.3m.

Warner BrosPictures International is giving its animated feature The Polar Express a wide release this weekend, withopenings scheduled in Germany on Nov 25, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa on Nov26, and Japan on Nov 27. The picture has grossed $1.1m to date.

Latest WarnerBros figures put Catwoman on $41.6m, A Very Long Engagement on $31.9m and Exorcist: The Beginning on $22m from Warner Bros markets and$32.3m through all distributors.

FoxInternational 's sci-fi thriller I, Robot passed $200m on Nov 23 and now stands at $200.1m. Thepicture is scheduled to open in China on Nov 26. Japan has been a starperformer for the release, grossing $33.8m to date.

I Heart Huckabees getsits first international release through Fox International in the UK on Nov 26on 66 screens. The comedy Taxiopens in South Korea on Nov 26 on 70; it has grossed $6.7m from itsinternational run so far.

The freshlyminted Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), which changed its namethis week from Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International, opens TheForgotten in the UK onNov 26 on 300 prints. The mystery has grossed $22.4m industry-wide to date.

SPRI willrelease the action sequel Anacondas in Spain on Nov 26 on 355, comedy Bad Santa in Australia on Nov 25 on 184, andcomedy White Chicksin Italy on Nov 26 on 200.

These pictureshave accumulated $27.1m, $5.3m and $35.9m respectively from their internationalruns to date. SPRI also opens comedy Christmas With The Kranks day-and-date with the US in severalmarkets including Germany on Nov 25 on 350.