Warner BrosPictures International's The Island maintained its status as the dominant overseas picture as itadded an estimated $12.4m over the weekend on more than 4,800 screens in 44markets for an $84.8m international running total.

Leading thecharge was France, where the sci-fi adventure opened top on $3.4m from 640prints and drew approximately 444,000 admissions. Belgium was expected to closethe weekend at number one after grossing a very respectable $418,300 from 64.

Denmark andFinland also opened top on $215,200 from 50 and $99,400 on 35 respectively.

The Island stayed top in its second weekend inMexico after adding $928,500 on 514 for a $3.8m running total, and added $1.4mfrom 412 UK sites for a $5.7m cumulative gross after the same amount of time.

The picture hasproduced extraordinary results in South Korea, grossing $20.5m after fiveweekends to become Warner's fifth biggest title of all time in the marketbehind Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, Troy, Harry Potter And TheChamber of Secrets, and TheMatrix Reloaded.

After threeweekends The Islandhas taken $7.2m in Spain and $6.8m in Germany.

Charlie AndThe Chocolate Factoryadded $9.5m on more than 3,500 screens in 37 markets for a $111.4minternational running total.

The weekend waspowered by a $3m UK haul in 524 sites that kept the picture in the number onespot for the fourth consecutive weekend and raised the running total to asuperb $52.6m. It's the fifthbiggest Warner's release ever behind the first three Harry Potter titles and The Matrix Reloaded.

Malaysia opened in second placeon $130,000 including previews from 19 prints. Spain added $1.1m on 309 printsfor $4.2m after two weekends, Germany raised its total by $1m from 485 to $3.4mafter the same amount of time, and Argentina stayed top for the third straightweekend and has reached $723,100.

Mr And MrsSmith produced anoutstanding number one debut in Spain through Fox International as it opened on$5m on 465 prints. The action picture crossed $150m for Fox International andhas amassed in excess of $200m through all distributors.

Fox's FantasticFour raised itsinternational running total to more than $134m over the weekend. The pictureadded $588,000 on 223 in its second weekend in South Korea for $2.3m.

Robots added $617,000 on 360 in its fourthweekend in Japan where it has passed $10m. The animated family title grossed$111,000 on 31 in South Korea for $4.2m. The international running total standsat more than $129.3m.

Figures for Star Wars Episode III were unavailable at timeof writing and will be confirmed this week.

DreamWorksInternational's Madagascar added $3.1m through UIP and $1.9m through non-UIP distributorsfrom 3,358 theatres for a $266.2m cumulative total that includes $22.6m throughnon-UIP distributors.

The highlight was Japan,which added $1.8m for $10m. Madagascar was vying for the top spot with Episode III and final figures and rankings await confirmation.

The UK has generated $37.5mafter six weekends and Germany stands at $39m after the same amount of time.

Paramount's Warof The Worlds added$2.5m for a $338.2m international cumulative total. Once again Japan generatedthe biggest returns as it added $750,000 for a $51.3m running total.

Universal'sthriller Skeleton Keygrossed $5m in 1,400 sites in 18 markets for an early international runningtotal of $16m. The picture opened in Germany on $1.7m on 297 and launched inAustralia in second place on $810,000 on 188.

Skeleton Key has grossed $4.5m after four weekends inthe UK and $3.4m in Spain after the same amount of time. The picture opens inBrazil this week.

Unleashed, known as Danny The Dog outside North America, opened in sixthplace in the UK on $470,000 in 268 sites through UIP. The action picture hastaken $4.1m to date from Germany, Austria, South Africa and the UK.

Zombie saga Land Of TheDead added $600,000 from 550 sitesin 24 markets for a $7m UIP total. There are 30 markets to go, including theUK, Japan and Germany.

Sony PicturesReleasing International's (SPRI) comedy Bewitched grossed $3.7m on 1,200 screens for a$13.7m international cumulative total.

The highlightwas a $1.9m number two UK launch on 408 that was approximately equal to theopening of director Nora Ephron's Sleepless In Seattle. The picture opened top in Taiwan as ittook $250,000 on 18 screens in Taipei.

DeuceBigalow: European Gigoloopened in second place in Holland, where the picture shot, on $300,000 on 86.It opened in ninth place in Germany on $320,000 on 200. Italy, Spain andBelgium open next weekend.

The actionadventure Stealthstands at $16m to date following launches in the UK, Mexico, South Korea andRussia, among others. The remainder of Europe opens later this summer.

Results fromBuena Vista International were unavailable this weekend and will be confirmedthis week.