All eyes will be on TheLegend Of Zorro this weekend as the adventure sequel launches on more than5,900 prints in 50 territories mostly through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI).

The distributor opens the picture day-and-date with North America in France on685 prints on Oct 26, Germany and Russia a day later on more than 650 and 300respectively, and a slew of major markets on Oct 28.

These include Spain on 550, the UK, Mexico and Italy on 500 apiece, Brazil on300, South Korea on 160, and Sweden on 80.

SPRI executives expect a strong opening weekend with impressive holds goinginto next week as many territories break for the All Saints Day holiday. Attime of writing, early reports from the French opening were said to beextremely promising.

Spyglass Entertainment owns all international rights to the picture and SPRI is distributiing most of the territories on its behalf although Spyglass licensed key markets such as Japan and Australia which will open in December and January 2006 respectively.

Buena Vista International (BVI) launches the family comedy The Pacifier in itsfinal major market of Japan on Oct 29. The picture has grossed $83m to date.

Latest cumulative grosses released by BVI executives put Flightplan on $23.5m,Goal! on $10.7m, and Sky High on $13.5m.

Warner Bros Pictures International opens Tim Burton's Corpse Bride in Italy andSpain on Oct 28 and will be looking to build on the animated romp's early$11.7m-plus international running total. Charlie And The Chocolate Factorystands at more than $252.1m.

Fox International's adventure Into The Blue launches in South Africa on Oct 28on 40 prints and has amassed $10m to date through all distributors.

Latest totals put Nightwatch on $30.2m, Transporter 2 on $31.2m and FantasticFour on $174.4m - all three through all distributors - and In Her Shoes on$3.8m and Fever Pitch on $6.7m through Fox International.

Releasing information for UIP titles was unavailable at time of writing.