Ratatouille dominated the international market for the second consecutive weekend thanks to an estimated $21.7m weekend haul that raised the tally to $271.5m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI).

The key driver was the UK, where the film opened at number one on $9.8m. There were strong holds throughout Europe, in particular the German-speaking regions where Ratatouille added $6m in Germany, $1.1m in Austria and $810,000 in Switzerland in the second weekend, staying top in all three.

The film has overtaken Monsters, Inc to rank as the third biggest Pixar release overseas, while the $475m global tally brings Ratatouille to within $10m of Toy Story 2's status as the fourth biggest Pixar release around the world.

Ratatouille now ranks as Disney's sixth biggest international animated release behind Finding Nemo, The Lion King, The Incredibles, Aladdin, and Tarzan. The film opens in Italy and China next weekend and is expected to finish on more than $300m.

WDSMPI's The Game Plan, which recently enjoyed two weeks at the top of the North American charts, opened top in its first international market of Mexico on $2m from 350 sites.

Resident Evil: Extinction grossed $9.7m at the weekend to raise the overall tally to more than $43.9m. The zombie action film took $6.2m from 1,365 screens in 12 SPRI markets for a $40.6m SPRI tally.

SPRI launches included a second place $1.9m take-off in the UK on 320 screens, $1.3m from 250 for third or fourth place in Italy, and $1.2m from 135 in Australia for first or second. It also opened in second place in Argentina on $140,000 from 25 screens.

The comedy Superbad added $2.2m from 1,840 screens in 22 markets for $27.1m. The film launches in Spain and Brazil next weekend.

Surf's Up raised its cumulative total by $1.8m from 1,860 screens in 36 for $57.2m. The animated film opened in 11th place in Holland on $100,000 from 53.

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) scored a memorable number one debut in Spain through Warner Bros Spain on $8m (Eu5.7m), which accounted for approximately 70% market share of the top five.

The supernatural drama drew more than one million admissions and is expected to be confirmed this week as the second biggest launch for a local title behind Torrente 3, as well as one of the top five industry debuts on 2007.

The Brave One added $4.9m from nearly 2,400 prints in 40 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International for $20.9m, a result that was driven by a $761,000 (AU$851,000) debut in Australia on 202 prints.

The film opened in second place in Mexico on $724,500 (Ps 7.8m) from 300 prints, and second in South Korea behind local title Happiness on $647,000 (KRW 593m) from 118 prints nationwide.

The romance No Reservations grossed $1.6m from roughly 1,500 prints in 48 markets for $45m. It opened in third place in Hong Kong on $152,000 (HK $1.2m) from 30, and in the third weekend in Japan added $450,400 (¥53m) from 225 for a $4.5m (¥525.9m) cumulative total.

Universal's thriller The Kingdom grossed $5.4m from 1,461 sites in 20 territories through UPI for an early $10.1m running total. The film opened in 17 territories including Japan, where $775,000 from 216 locations was good enough for second place behind local title Hero. The action film opened in third place in Germany on $800,000 from 44.

Despite being banned in Kuwait and Bahrain by authorities who were believed to have been upset by the film's depiction of Islamic fundamentalists, The Kingdom opened in other Middle East markets this weekend. Studio executives said they were happy with the results but did not elaborate in a written report.

The Bourne Ultimatum added $4.1m from 1,880 sites in 46 territories for $179m. The spy romp opened top in Turkey on $486,000 from 140 sites, and scored a robust $220,000 launch from 50 in Malaysia.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry raised its tally by $3.7m from 1,830 in 35 territories for $53.7m, Knocked Up added $1.8m from 753 in 30 for $58.2m, and Evan Almighty grossed $1.6m from 820 in 25 for $69.5m.

Atonement added $650,000 from 288 in three for $22.3m and ranks sixth in its sixth weekend in the UK on $20.9m (£10.4m).

The Brazilian film Tropa De Elite, which had an outstanding release in Sao Paulo and Rio last weekend, expanded its run to 105 sites and ranked number one in Brazil on $2.3m from a total of 230 locations for 40% market share and a $3.8m running total. At this comparative stage it is twice as big as City Of God, which played for many months and went on to gross $10.3m.

Eastern Promises, which UPI is releasing in Spain and Japan, ranked fourth in its second weekend in Spain on $860,000 from 244 sites for $2.6m and passed the lifetime gross of A History Of Violence on Sunday [Oct 14].

Dreamworks-Paramount's The Heartbreak Kid grossed $5.5m from 1,113 screens in five territories for an early $14m tally.

The comedy remake opened in second place in Spain on $1.8m from 301 screens, and added $1.8m from 401 sites in the UK for $5.7m.

Stardust grossed $4.7m from 1,648 locations in 39 territories for $32.1m, powered by 12 launches including Italy on $1.4m from 247, and Spain on $408,000 from 139.

Shrek The Third grossed $600,000 from 622 locations in 64 territories for $470.4m.

Fox International's family adventure The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising added $2.6m from 1,000 screens in 10 territories for a $2.6m early running total. There were seven debuts, the biggest of which came in Spain on $1.7m from 290 screens. The Simpsons Movie crossed $340m on Friday [11].