Homer's remarkable box office odyssey saw The Simpsons Movie reclaim the
number one overseas spot by a nose at the weekend as preliminary
results put it ahead of Universal/UPI's The Bourne Ultimatum by an
estimated $23.4m versus $22m.

Last weekend Fox International's animated hit appeared to have
vanquished the fifth Harry Potter episode in a photo finish, however
Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) emerged the winner on that
occasion when the studios released official figures on Monday [13].

The result from 7,000 screens in 61 markets puts The Simpsons on a
remarkable $270m running total. Key drivers were a pair of number one
launches that delivered $5m from 545 screens in Russia, and $3m from
459 in Brazil for Fox's biggest opening of the year and the biggest
animated debut of the year.

The film also generated $801,000 from 200 screens in Holland, where
the film scored the biggest animated opening day of all time on
Thursday [16] of Euros 164,181 ($221,626).

In its fourth weekend, The Simpsons Movie added $3.1m from 517 in the UK for
$68.6m for a top three finish, $2.1m from 679 in France for second
place and $22.7m, $1.5m from 948 in Germany for $32.7m, and $1.4m from
406 in Australia for third place and $24.3m.

In its third weekend the film added $887,000 from 724 in Mexico and
still ranks number one on $13.7m.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer added $5.5m from 1,900
screens in 13 markets. In a pair of second weekend holds, the comic book adaptation added $2.7m from 729
in France for second place and $8.5m, and $1.5m from 510 in Spain for
second place and $7m.

Die Hard 4.0 grossed $4.5m from 2,200 screens in 31 markets for $213m.
It opened top in Argentina on $364,000 from 105, and held in second
place in its second weekend in Australia on $1.6m from 362 screens for

Universal's The Bourne Ultimatum is currently tracking 76% ahead of
2004's The Bourne Supremacy and took $22m from 1,470 venues in 19
territories for an early overseas tally of $27.8m.

The spy thriller launched in eight territories including the UK where
it ranked top on $13m (£6.5m) from 458 sites and took a 39% bite out
of the market share.

At this rate the film will overtake the £7.9m final gross of the 2002
franchise opener The Bourne Identity this week and the £11.7m final
result of The Bourne Supremacy next weekend.

The film opened top in Spain on an excellent $5m from 373 sites, and
capitalised on last Tuesday's [14] launch ahead of the national
holiday on Wednesday.

There were also number one debuts in Denmark on $475,000 from 50
sites, Finland on $222,000 from 26, and Singapore on $755,000 from 29
for Universal's fourth biggest opening weekend for a non-holiday
release behind Jurassic Park 3, Mr Bean's Holiday and Van Helsing.

There are 36 more territories to open over the next three months
including major releases in Russia on Aug 23, Brazil on Aug 24,
Australia on Aug 30, France on Sept 12, and Japan on Nov 10.

Evan Almighty added $5.9m from 3,600 venues in 30 territories for
$33m, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry grossed $2.3m from 375
in six territories for an early $5.2m. The result was buoyed by a
number one launch in Australia that generated $1.9m from 228 sites.
There are 50 territories to open over the next three months including
France on Aug 29, and the UK and Germany at the end of Sept.

Knocked Up raised its tally by $1.1m from 400 venues in 13 territories
to $18.2m, and Mr Bean's holiday grossed $750,000 from 350 sites in
seven territories for $188.9m. The film opened in South Korea on
$676,000 from 129 sites. The last international release will be in
Japan through Toho Towa in January 2008.

In its sixth weekend, WBPI's Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
took a big stride toward the $600m mark as it dropped off 37% on
$16.3m from 6,800 prints in 61 territories for a phenomenal $594m.

The film ranked number one in its fifth weekend in Japan on $2.6m
(¥305m) from 630 screens for $65m (¥7.7bn). In its second weekend
China was projected to generate $4m (RMB 30.5m) from 528 prints, which
would put the running total at $14.2m (RMB 76.6m).

Latest figures put the UK on $93.7m, Germany on $58.4m, France on
$47.9m, Australia on $29.3m, and Italy on $26.8m.

Ocean's Thirteen added $3.4m from more than 1,200 prints in 43 markets
for $179m, boosted by $2.5m (¥298m) from 455 screens in the second
weekend in Japan for second place and $14.4m (¥1.7bn).

The romantic comedy No Reservations grossed $940,000 in 12 mostly
Latin American markets from 516 prints for an early $5m tally.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI)
Ratatouille grossed $15.4m from 3,483 screens in 30 territories for
$149.5m, a most promising tally considering the film has only opened
in half its territories.

The Pixar film stayed top in France for the third straight weekend as
$7.1m from 723 sites raised the running total there to $34.7m.
Ratatouille should overtake The Incredibles by the end of the week to
become the second biggest Pixar release in France behind Finding Nemo.

After one month the film stands at $22.7m in Japan. In the third
weekend it added $1.6m from 520 sites in Spain for $14.2m. Portugal
generated the biggest Disney animated launch of all time on $998,000
from 80 screens, which is the second biggest animated debut ever
behind Shrek The Third.

Paramount/PPI's Transformers added $11.8m from 4,750 sites in 60
territories for $354m. Key drivers were Japan, which produced $2.5m
from 312 screens for $22.5m, and the UK, which produced $1.8m from 443
sites for $41.1m.

The fantasy adventure Stardust added $4.6m from 667 screens in four
territories for an early $8.8m overseas running total. The film opened
in South Korea on $2.4m from 176 sites including previews. It also
opened in Russia and the Ukraine, generating $1.7m from 400 sites and
$600,000 respectively.

Shrek The Third added $1.4mn from 1,961 venues in 54 territories for a
formidable $415m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) animated release Surf's
Up grossed $6.8m from 2,170 screens in 44 markets for $24.6m.

The major business came from Spain, where the film opened in fourth
place on $2.5m from 452 screens. Elsewhere, it opened top in Venezuela
on $330,000 from 60, fourth in the Philippines on $155,000 from 60,
fourth in Argentina on $150,000 from 50, and fourth in Taiwan on
$45,000 from 56.